How To Register A Domain With Blue Host

How To Register A Domain With Blue Host

How to register a domain is now easier than ever with Blue Host. Since Bluehost launched its new domain name registration tool a few weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of new and returning customers have noticed how easy it is to register and use this new feature. Now customers simply visit bluehost, click the “Sign up now” button, and in just a few steps toward simplifying everyday online business life, Bluehost has now rolled out a new automatic bulk domain registration feature.

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With this feature, customers can now search through and register up to 500 additional domains at once, giving them the power to quickly secure all of the domains they desire, instantly, within their control panel, and using the same system they use to manage their existing domains. This new feature has allowed Bluehost to cut their client management team in half, saving hundreds of hours of wasted resources each month.

The new bulk domain registrar is also extremely simple to use. With just a few clicks of the mouse, customers are presented with all of the different domains that are available for registration. Customers are prompted for their name, email address, and even a description for the domain. Once these details are entered, customers are prompted to click “Submit” and their new domains will be immediately accessible to them.

The ease of registration is especially convenient for companies who frequently go through multiple domain names or domain registrars to handle domain-related issues related to a specific domain. Instead of needing to run into a myriad of different registrars and web hosts, a single automated registrar makes it easy to do everything you want with a single domain.

While the majority of registrars and web hosts will offer this kind of service, many still require the customer to purchase a domain registrar license through Blue Host. This service is completely free to customers with this service, meaning no additional fees for an already established account, or any new accounts. {or domain registrations whatsoever. The automatic bulk domain registrar feature is especially useful to businesses who have many different domains, but are still using multiple registrars and web hosts to handle the needs of their webpages.

For example, if a company owns websites about toys, computers, technology, sports, and so on, but also has other websites for other business purposes, like websites about travel, then they may need a way to easily register all of these different domains using one registrar, as well as create a single login for all of their domains. By using the new bulk domain registrar feature, the company’s customers will be able to quickly and easily login to all of their domain account, create their login ID, email id, name, description, and password, add all of their domains, select a single domain hosting account, add their website URL, and then just type that URL into the box provided. Within a few clicks of signing up, they will have their newly created domain account listed and ready to use in their control panel, without having to run around to different registrars or web hosts.