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For years I have watched UFO videos pop up on the web, looking for videos that match or are similar to UFO’s I and people I know witnessed together in the 1990’s Today I found my closest match yet.

The video below is the closest I have seen to the UFO’s we saw in Portland, Oregon. Not in color, but in action, the lights flashing back and forth, the quick darting away. Simply incredible you will have to watch it for yourself.

Below is a letter I wrote to Art Bell, March 11th 1998…  It covers my experience, names have been changed.


The only known UFO photo that matches what we saw

Dear Sir’s , (SENT TO ART BELL)

It all Started a few years ago in 1994 me and my family were coming home the date is July 4th 1994, I was with my mother father brother and two sisters, we were headed to Oregon City Oregon from the Canby Oregon Fireworks show about 2 miles out side the city limits of Canby Oregon.

I think it was my sister that looked out the window and asked “what’s that” I looked and was intrigued to see what appeared to be huge green lights in the sky. They were very large above the cloud’s it was a gray sky with no room for stars.
The lights seemed to keep pace with our car. Always going the same speed, well staying contrary to our location, witch was at that time going down highway 99E we soon approached Southend RD about 8 miles from Oregon city..
Wile traveling down this road the lights still contrary to our location..

They seemed to mutate in the sky all we could see is there appearance on the clouds.. They appeared to change shape and size and they moved with a velocity in witch I had never seen yet they were able to stop so exact with no further movement it was amazing and also impossible contrary to there size and possible mass.. they made no sound.. just moved… wile my mom drove down Southend rd we came upon what used to be the old drive in theater..

There we stopped and what I had really not noticed until later is that the objects movements stopped with us..

There we sat and watched them I made a effort to get out of the car but my mother strongly objected..

But I however hung out the window watching them they made a boomerang shape that still is vivid in my mind today as I sit here and type this…

There too they morphed their shape and almost put on a show for us in the night sky..
I put my head back into the car and we were once again on our way and once again they were flowing us we continued into Oregon city and down Southend rd almost into downtown Oregon city we stopped on a hill now and my mom made the statement “were UFO chasers” well now I think about it and we may have been the UFO chasee’s.
We sat at this point for a about 10 minutes once again they also stopped this is when the movements were most vivid and imaging in my mind..
The most vivid I remember is when the object all of the sudden became about 15 objects and they positioned them self’s in a vertical “V” shape and started to flash intensely.
I found it mind boggling they continued to morph one thing I remember is the now two glowing green objects approached a very high speed and slammed into each other and became one but it immediately stopped dead center from were they joined..

Then of all thing my family had become restless.. My father wanted to go home and my sister wanted to go to the bathroom, at this time me and my mother are the only ones intrigued by the sighting..
Well we arrived home only about 10 blocks from our location and dropped them off then me and my mother went looking for them again.. They were not to be found.. The approximate time of sighting was 11:00pm – 11:30, total viewing time was approximately 45 minutes
For the next 7 months I wondered and watched so did my mother.. and in February on the 23rd 1995 , we were in Clackamas Oregon.. at Cosco, by Levitz furniture we were leaving Cosco when I looked out of the windshield and shouted “oh my god there they are” my mom looked and said the same..
This time we had a cellular phone and my mother proceeded to call the local news station, KATU Channel 2 and could not get through so she called he best friend in Kelso WA, the cell phone was cut off several times..
Once when she tried to call my dad.. it was me my mom and brother in and my youngest little sister in the car this time…. Previously we were thinking they may had been thinking they were of a natural cause like a green flash, or they may had been a laser show… well this time we were able too rule out both possibilities..
This time besides the green glow we had saw before we also saw a single yellowish-orange object.
What ruled out the other possibilities was when the green objects shot a beam of light to the yellowish-orange object and then the process was reversed…
We flowed them as much as possible but to no avail the time of viewing was approximately 7:00pm – 7:30pm when ever we saw them this time we watched them for at least 15 minutes.. I had several times during the sighting tried to get the attention of others no one would stop and look…..
There were many many reports of this sighting by other some evidence of the many reports is on the National UFO reporting Center Website… under a date in February of 95 )

The reports are also in the Vancouver WA Newspaper ) After this it was two years before I were to see them again I had thought that they were gone for ever and it was just coincidence that we say the same UFO’s twice..
But then…
This last November 14th 1997  I was Leaving work at Clackamas Town center.. a friend had picked me up with us when we went to the car was my friend Trisha and a new friend soon to be Judith, Trisha’s Older Sister was driving her younger Brother was in the car and so was a friend of her sister.. we had left town center and traveled north towards Portland.. during the drive we were just on to the highway I got a very strange feeling almost like a message of feelings..
I turned my head and was immediately met up with a combination of goosebumps and memories.. there they were, I almost had a heart attack I asked my friend Trish if she remembered when I told her about the UFO’s I saw.. she said no and I quickly briefed her wile my head was stuck out the window and then I said well there they are.. she said what said the UFO’s she started to laughed I tried to get her to look out the window..
Once again they were following the speed and movements of the car.. We would turn a direction they would too most the time they were on the left side of the car witch was strange because that the drivers side and that was the side I was sitting on.. I had a pocket laser and I did not know if I could communicate with them but I certainly tried with a blinking it at them several times.. by now Judith who thought me and trish were crazy has looked at them and is basically crying in fear.. ( take in that I had never met this girl (Judith) in my life before and she had no reason to back my story )

We are flying down the highway at 75 then 60 and then 55 they constantly stayed on track with me.. we were approaching Portland this time it had seemed like they were trying to communicate with light they groped in several ways shaped including triangle square rectangle and a huge line of approx. 30 objects and flashed a huge long line of lights kind of like runway strobes they did this twice this time I saw the UFOs they were much more complex in what they did.. soon we were entering Portland I noticed I would stop at a stoplight they would stop a well.. we went into the down town area of NW Portland… soon I no longer say the objects I thought they were gone, after we dropped off trisha’s sisters friend at her boyfriends we were leaving Portland via the east side into Oregon City via Mcloughlin Blvd and as we left the area of the high building after I thought I had lost them or vice versa.. there it was one faint green object sitting still in the sky.. like it was waiting for something… as we drove past its location it started to move and follow us into Oregon city ( southbound ).. finely it was gone, the reason.. once again like very time noticeable were military jets quite a few pairs of fighter jets these jets had appeared every single time we encountered the objects… I left work at 7:00 PMapprox. start of viewing time.. 7:25 PM approx. end of viewing time 8:50 PM

That is my story, what a story, this was many years ago, and I am so glad I wrote it all down..

The November 14th 1997 incident is the most well documented, below are some other sightings of the same event collected from

Sightings on Nov. 14, 1997 at about 2100 hrs. Western Wash.

Peter, Just a quick note. I will send more later. Two whole shifts of officers observed the long streaks of light that went from one side of the sky to the other. A Sgt. leaving the station made the observation; he yelled and the police station emptied into the parking lot. There seemed to be three long streaks of light which “pulsed” or looked like beads of light. It was moving fast.

One point I want to stress; I was told that the official “space junk” explanation included a statement that the “junk” crashed in the Pacific Ocean. All of the witn’s who called 911 and all of the officers I have contacted ALL state that the lights went FROM the ocean and were headed across the sky, as in WEST to EAST. It would be very difficult to explain how the UFO’s crashed in the Pacific. I will send more soon.



11/14/97: 1st sighting:  9:05 pm,  Pacific Beach. Wa. ( Excited phone call from Lauri ((DELETED)) to detail what she & her 9 yr. old stepson had just witnessed.)

*her beachfront home is just south of Joe’s Creek.  Her 2 story chalet is all glassed front.  Shortly after 9, her living rm. became illuminated by a bright light being reflected from a phenomenal light display in the sky above her ocean front.

*She described their first sighting as, 2 comet like heads positioned perpendicular to one another (head to head) Each had a tail that seemed to be swaying.  The balls (heads?) of white shimmering light parted, leaving a dark space of sky between them.

*The balls re-configured into a tight open triangular pattern, with a ball of light at the front of each tailing  side of the angle.

*They could now see 4 separate smaller balls of light tailing each of the larger “HEAD LIGHTS”.  A total of 10 separate spheres.

*It was as though they wanted her to see them !  They descended and momentarily slowed so that they could see directly into the irridescent larger balls of brilliant white light.  Inside of the spheres they could see shimmering gold and silver lights.  The silver was likened to small reflecting mirrored particles.  The 2 larger balls began to change to a brilliant red-orange.

*The 4 pair of smaller spheres began to glow blue-green in color.  All of the spheres reconfigured to elongated ovals.

*As a unit they seemed to accelerate and took a right angle turn inland, following Joe’s creek,  moving over Hwy 109 and the Olympics towards Victoria.

(the R.V. campsite on the N. side of Joe’s creek had been filled to capacity on the afternoon of the 14th.  This is not a usual happening in this tiny ocean front village even during summer months.  Most of these visitors disbanded on Saturday rather than staying over til Sunday.) !!!!