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Are you ready to have a soulless stainless steel robot be your butcher? Scott Technology’s Automated Lamb Boning System and you’ll get perfect cuts of meat that have been expertly sliced by an entire orchestra of robots.

It seems these days like the middle class just can’t get a break. Even the meat packers jobs are now about to be replaced…  In a way,  This is so wonderfully and utterly scary, I am not sure what our response should be.

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords. In return for my loyalty and unwavering support, I hope to be fed Doritos, lamb shanks and other food stuffs created by our omniscient, automated rulers. Of course, I do worry about the serial killer effect of this whole thing.

For some reason I can’t shake the idea of those lambs being people and this is what will happen when the robots take over. Elon save us!!!

Of course, there is this terrifying moment, A chilling scene from the Cloud Atlas movie. Genetically engineered fabricant clones raised in an artificial wombtank, destined to serve 10 yrs and after that … recycling.