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There are many different stories that give us essential keys to open up secrets that are well known amongst the elite, but are somehow kept from average people or people who believe their lives are average.
If you dig deep into occult works and philosophies, you eventually realize the average world is only average on the surface. Below the shiny veneer of the mainstream narrative, there is an underbelly of unknown truths that sound outrageous, albeit familiar.
The shock only comes from what can be called a sudden revelation of what you once thought was all fantasy turns out to be based on real activities that are occult based and very intriguing.
While many see the occult as some Satanic trap, there are others who know the true meaning of “occult” is that which is hidden and the motive for its occlusion becomes a mystery where questions are asked and answers are varied.
The question is, if we do offer up some sort of message to the cosmos, do we ever stop and wonder if anyone out there is listening and if they answer back do we ever listen?
Do we expect an audible hello, tones being played in a sequence, garbled D static in a pattern, or is it something more spiritual or telekinetic?
When George W. Bush gave his inaugural speech, he spoke about freedom and all of the sacred cows that motivate us as Americans. He then made a very interesting quote that he stumbled through and that is: “We have a calling from beyond the stars to stand for freedom, and America will always be faithful to that cause.”
I remember when he made that comment I felt it was coded language for something deeper than just a reference to God or anything heavenly except for the possibility that out in space, we will find the true authors of our stewardship.
This led me to study about the secret occult groups responsible for the modern space program. Much of these groups were involved with occult activity. There were many attempts at the beginning of the 20th century to communicate with extra-terrestrial intelligence.
We often think statically about our world; however, the spiritual thought processes are limited to what we can imagine during the ritual of prayer. We think of deities, gods and spirits as eternally existent and unchanging. Some may not notice that the way we view God or the spirit realm is changing. Little by little, we learn about what the higher powers expect from us. We think of increasing worldly power based on resources and material wealth, rather than circulating spiritual and sharing spiritual wealth.
Spiritual communication is a two-way experience. You can call out to the universe all you want, but many people do not wait for an answer.

The answers are there, but it takes meditation and time to listen and the answers we are told are guaranteed.
Listening is the key to greater spiritual wealth.
In all of cosmology, there are rites, prayers and magic spells that are used to communicate with the various deities we honor. Good or evil, is based on values.
The important experiences as we ascend into the higher worlds include meeting with the Guardian of the Threshold. Strictly speaking, there are two Guardians: a lesser and a greater.
There is the duality in the intercession of spirits and many initiates and adepts have attempted to communicate with beings we call aliens during times of major planet transitions or crossings.
Mercury has now crossed the entire face of the Sun and brought to a close the 2016 transit of the smallest planet in the solar system.
Transits of Mercury occur only 13 or 14 times in a century, usually in either May or November. The last transit was in 2006.
In the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome, Mercury or Hermes was the messenger of the gods, flying across the realms at lightning speed with his winged sandals.

During its transit and with the advent of a super moon in the new moon cycle, there is a hypothetical conduit that opens and we can begin to experience what Einstein called, “spooky things at a distance.” There others that call it a quantum entanglement.
Tonight, the moon is in a crescent, or sickle, state to viewers from Earth. Some see it as an omen of doom; others see it as a time for supplication, or the opening of channels to the other dimensions.
Alchemists believe it is a time of great workings within the sacred triangle.
This is known as the “Hermetic” or “The Operating of the Great Work.”

Workings can be used to communicate with the dead, demons or angels. It may even be the secret to communicating with extra-terrestrials in a less occult like fashion.
The great alchemists of the past have noted that the mingling of salt, sulfur and

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