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PORTLAND, Ore. — The waiting rooms at Urgent Care Clinics all over the Portland Metro area are filling up fast. Meanwhile pharmacies around the country are running out of the popular medication Tamiflu according to some doctors this happens every year.


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But as we publish this many are starting to question the use of Tamiflu to fight influenza. Saying more often than not the drug which may have dangerous side effects is being given to people who are healthy enough to ride out the flu and as a result there is not enough medication left for people who may be in mortal danger if they do not get the drug.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM from Ohio posted this enlightening article entitles “Why You Should Avoid Tamiflu”  on her blog.

“Everyone, especially parents, should be wary of using this drug. It provides — at best — one and a half days of relief from flu-like symptoms and can have lethal consequences. Beyond the lackluster results for the treatment and prevention of influenza, nearly 10% of people who are prescribed Tamiflu can’t tolerate the most common side effect—persistent nausea. With the course of treatment costing up to $200, this drug is best avoided. “

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Twitter users clearly have had mixed results.

And KVAL is saying that The Tamiflu shortage is related to a outbreak at nursing homes.


Avoid the flu? Doctor Sherri recommends

The most important tool to use for influenza prevention is Vitamin D in all ages, but especially in children and the elderly. The Sacramento Bee published a good list of useful tips for avoiding the flu. Using an aerosol machine can reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. A small study involving 11 people found that some people exhale larger amounts of germs than the others when they are sick. A six-minute aerosol treatment using salt-water demonstrated that the numbers of viruses or bacteria being exhaled was sharply reduced—by a whopping 72 percent—for up to six hours. Researchers concluded that, even though the study was small, the administration of a nebulized saline solution could dramatically reduce spread of infection. Homeopathy is a wonderful tool for preventing – and treating – the flu. And of course, one of the most important ways to prevent the flu is to wash your hands.