What Does Shared Hosting Mean?

Shared web hosting means one of two things. The first type is where multiple websites share a server, usually a dedicated server where each site has its own private database and website. Shared web hosting is among the most popular hosting types because it gives you the ability to manage and host your websites from one place. It essentially allows multiple people to share one server, all of which have their own websites or sites that need to be hosted.

It is common for companies who have many websites that are part of an online network to use this type of hosting. However, shared hosting puts multiple websites into shared resources, IP addresses, and server allocation. This means if your website grows, you will not have to worry about it being placed on another server somewhere else.

Some companies choose this option as a way to cut back on costs, because many companies outsource their web hosting. If you are a small business and only have a few websites, then shared hosting may be an option. The problem with this type of hosting is that your website could be blocked by a website hosting company because they are using resources that you do not have. Many hosting companies charge different rates for different amounts of space on their servers. If you have a lot of traffic and want to make a huge profit, then you may want to consider dedicated hosting instead of shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting allows you to choose your own server allocation and IP addresses. This is usually a bit more expensive than shared hosting but will save you money in the long run. This type of hosting allows you to choose which operating systems you want your software to run under and which features you want your website to have.

If you choose shared hosting, then you will not be able to customize your hosting software or have any control over your site. In addition, many times the hosting company will provide you with web tools, such as blogs, shopping carts and forums. You will not be able to access these tools from other websites that are on the same server or from the one you are on.

There are many different services that are available when you decide to host your own website. The one that you choose depends on what needs you have, how much space you have and what kind of control you want over your website. If you are using a shared server and you are running your own software, then you can decide which tools you want on your site and what features you want your site to have without having to rely on a third party to help you.