What is the Alternative to Web Hosting Service?

An alternative to web hosting, the VoIP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system has in-house PBX service with a dedicated 100Mb/s internet connections and high quality data network support. The VoIP network can work at its optimum using high performance servers with secure, fast and reliable data networks.

alternative to web hosting service

The cost of a dedicated hosting service is much less than a dedicated server and the cost of a VPS hosting for one PBX system is also less than that of a dedicated server. The benefits are the availability of the web host company for your specific requirement. You can have an entire PBX network from a single site, which will save you the cost of setting up dedicated servers on other sites for each individual customer.

Virtual PBX service does not use a dedicated operating system and therefore is easier to maintain and upgrade. The hardware required to provide virtual PBX service is very low cost and therefore provides you with better reliability and flexibility. Virtual PBX service has a large capacity, which can be expanded with small hardware purchase, but this facility is limited to a maximum of about 1000 users, and this is a huge investment.

If you have a high traffic server and do not have an Internet connection then you will need a dedicated IP address, which will help you increase the reliability of your service. You can also increase the bandwidth if you do not have the required hardware. Your server needs to have adequate memory for running the VoIP system, so that you can take full advantage of your server and have the best experience in making calls with your clients.

Dedicated hosting service can be expensive and is not suitable for small businesses or companies with limited resources. It is essential to take into account the requirements of your business before deciding whether or not you should go for this type of hosting. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then it would be cheaper to use the free options and then upgrade later, if your business grows. There are many hosting providers that offer low priced plans, however, you should consider how often you will need to add and remove hardware, or software, and if the cost savings will be enough to justify the initial outlay.

Virtual PBX hosting is an ideal solution for small businesses, which do not have the infrastructure, financial backing and staff available to provide the dedicated server. If you are looking to create a complete dedicated PBX solution, then you can use a dedicated server service which will allow you to make your own decisions regarding your network, hardware and software, and not need to have any third parties involved in your network maintenance. Virtual PBX hosting is a viable alternative to standard webhosting and is affordable if you are looking to build a dedicated call centre infrastructure, which is more cost effective.